Anmol’s intellect impresses netizens

Anmol’s intellect impresses netizens

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Anmol is undoubtedly good-looking and now his recent interviews has proved his intellect as well. His gentle ways, polite manners and humble attitude have made an impression. Netizens are in awe with the way he has handled personal and professional backlashes. This modest nature has once again made him stand out from the crowd.

Anmol KC projects a perfect life with that looks and astounding career. But beneath the perfection lies a sensitive soul who has had a harsh fate at a tender age, yet the loss has made him nothing but suave.

He confesses that he is a party pooper who loves to stay indoor and in recent times has found meaning of life in Bhagavad Gita. Yes it sounds bewildering but this is who AKC is. This handsome hunk is not just bling bling but has a delicate soul with polite demeanor despite being tagged the Megastar.

He is now set to bring a bang on screen after a gap of more than a year. Taking the responsibilities for his project he had earlier promised his audiences that his next will be A1. In between he experienced major career setback that even led him to jail. This was a nightmare for him and he still gets aghast on hearing police siren. He managed to stay calm amidst the chaos and not once has he uttered anything negative about anyone. That’s his class.

Till date, ‘Farki Farki’ looks aesthetically pleasing. This is his 10th project in 10 years where he has improved a lot. There are many instances where his acting skills are brutally trolled. He looks at the silver linings here and says these criticism keeps him grounded and doesn’t let him gloat.

A Megastar in true sense, his captivating persona is luring in more well wishers. ‘Farki Farki’ hits the cinemas on Jestha 10.