‘Pujar Sarki’- Initiation Against Caste Discrimination: Director Dinesh Raut

‘Pujar Sarki’- Initiation Against Caste Discrimination: Director Dinesh Raut

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – National award winning director Dinesh Raut is all set with his next “Pujar Sarki’. He is currently busy with post production and promotion. The production team is assured that the audiences will like the content as this cinema is a first step advocating equality.

‘The cinema conveys the message of equality. We have tried to explain there is no caste at all. Diversity is the beauty of our nation. Pujar Sarki presents the story of discrimination on the basis of caste’, says director Raut.

The system has changed, there are laws enforced against discrimination yet the unfortunate event still exists. This prevalence triggered the making of the cinema. When asked if the cinema has any relation with the Rukum event, director Raut answers no. This type of inhuman acts on the basis of upper-lower caste have been taking place ever since, one similar Kaskikot event inspired the director but the story and screenplay are fictitious.

The setup is that of 2046 BS. For this the actors were prepared to present the then lifestyle. The director believes that actor Aaryan Sigdel’s talent is under utilized. He is able to give life to any character. With Pujar Sarki, he has also tried to showcase actor Pradeep Khadka’s unseen performance as well.

Director Raut emphasizes that the cinema is for all those who are still being dominated in the name of (lower) caste. The cinema is the weapon to reach the masses and advocate the equal rights of all individuals irrespective of their caste. He put his foot down and said that ‘Pujar Sarki’ is the much needed initiation to bring the change.

Produced under the banner of Kingdom Network, ‘Pujar Sarki’ is written by Bikash Subedi. Apart from Aaryan Sigdel, Pradeep Khadka and Paul Shah, actors Anjana Baraili, Parikshya Limbu, Mohan Niraula, Lokendra Lekhak, Suwash Gajurel, Prem Subba, Bidhya Karki, Tara Sharma, Shankar Acharya, Govind Raman Parajuli, Rajesh Bisural and others are also featured in the cinema. In producer Subash Bhushal’s music, the songs are penned by Hark Saud, B. Pandey, Dinesh Raut and Ganesh Shahi. The crew includes Rajesh Shrestha as DOP, Himal KC in action, Suprim Parajuli as editor and Shailendra Shrestha in background score.

The cinema will be released on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti,Thursday, Jestha 10, 2081.