‘Boksiko Ghar’ Incredible Box Office Collection, 2 crores 15 lakhs in 2 Days

‘Boksiko Ghar’ Incredible Box Office Collection, 2 crores 15 lakhs in 2 Days

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – All the dedication and efforts that ‘Boksiko Ghar’ team had put in have finally shown colors with amazing responses from the audiences. In just two days, the cinema has already collected 2 crores and 15 lakhs. Cherry on top, in the allocated 250 shows, 150 shows were houseful on Saturday with 80% occupancies in others. The strong word of mouth hints more business in coming days.

Amazing would be less of a word to describe the overwhelming response Keki’s ‘Boksiko Ghar’ is receiving from the audiences. Call us a feminist, but our hearts do swell with pride when we see women’s issues and women centric cinema that too presented by a woman doing incredible business. One has to congratulate Keki Adhikari for bringing such an issue in big screen. Bigger the risk, bigger the reward! Keki was courageous enough to take the risk and look at the accomplishments!

The performances of all artists are mind blowing. They look so real, maybe it’s the impact of the true story being presented that the audiences feel the pain. The child artist Shupala Sapkota deserves all the praise. The story has been well written and well executed. The ending leaves the audiences to their own imagination which might seem hanging. Overall, the cinema is worth watching.

‘Boksiko Ghar’ is a thrilling punch to the existent superstitious beliefs. Such beliefs have been rooted in our mind since ages that even amidst budding scientific technologies, we tend to believe it as true. And this superstition has caused traumas and even death. ‘Boksiko Ghar’ has emphasized such issues.

Presented by Keki Adhikari Films, ‘Boksiko Ghar’ is produced by Badri Adhikari. Keki Adhikari, Shupala Sapkota, Swechchha Raut, Rama Thapaliya, Sushma Niraula, Jiwan Baral, Sabin Bastola are in pivotal roles. The other crews include Monish Niraula and Baja Band in music, Shivaram Shrestha as DOP, Kumar Maharjan in action, Sulakshyan Bharati and Lokesh Bajracharya as editor.

Sulakshyan Bharati’s directorial debut ‘Boksiko Ghar’ is running in cinemas near you.