‘Degree Maila’ here to make new year happy

‘Degree Maila’ here to make new year happy

The Cinema Times

The CinemaTimes, Kathmandu – The craze for Dayahang Rai starrer ‘Degree Maila’ is obvious from the houseful shows. The cinema is definitely actor Rai’s birthday cum new year gift to his audiences. He celebrated his birthday that falls on new year in the theatre with his team.

The impact of the cinema is vivid with the number of shows and occupancies. With more than 200 shows all over Nepal, ‘Degree Maila’ generated 80% occupancies on Friday. As of Saturday, most shows were houseful in QFX chain multiplexes and most theatres in Kathmandu. The cinema is doing well outside valley too. Audiences have given positive feedbacks. The amazing word of mouth is sure to do wonders in coming days too.

The title song of the cinema ‘Ma Degree Maila Ho’ has also been released on the occasion of Nepali new year and Dayahang’s birthday. The song puts light on Dayahang’s character. Penned by Swapnil Smriti, it is sung by Pawan Giri in Jhuma Limbu’s composition.

A Ram Babu Gurung cinema with fresh chemistry between Dayahang Rai and Aanchal Sharma presenting full entertainment and a punch on socially relevant issue; what more do we need to make our New Year happy. The booking and door sale of tickets is pleasantly aggressive.

‘Degree Maila’ is running successfully in cinemas near you. Grab your tickets now!