Daya-Aanchal’s convincing on-screen chemistry in ‘Degree Maila’

Daya-Aanchal’s convincing on-screen chemistry in ‘Degree Maila’

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Dayahang Rai and Aanchal Sharma are sharing the screen together for the first time in ‘Degree Maila’. This refreshing pair has already garnered much attention with their fantastic chemistry.

Daya and Aanchal’s performance truly makes one believe in the romance between the characters. It is realistic and their admiration for each other is evident. They have made the romance shine in this story even as they tackle hard subjects.

In a recent interview, Aanchal was asked about her experience of working with a mature actor like Daya. Very wittily, she answered- It is not about the age. The fact that how comfortable he (Daya) makes his co-actor feel is admirable and his energy towards his work is very contagious. He is charming and good-hearted, so it was wonderful working with him.

Director Ram Babu Gurung and actor Dayahang Rai have worked together before and have given blockbusters. Aanchal is a new addition to this team. She is grateful to the director for making her feel welcome in the team. She further adds she didn’t feel new, it was like she was part of the family from the very beginning.

Ram Babu Gurung’s directorial venture ‘Degree Maila: MA 3rd Class’ promises an organic humorous dose on education system and unemployment issues. The cinema is produced by Bishal Gurung, Mani Ram Pokhrel, Madhu Mijar and Sushma Gurung with Krishh Lama as executive producer.

‘Degree Maila: MA 3rd Class’ will hit the cinemas on Chaitra 30.