Pradip Bhattarai : The Star Director of the hour

Pradip Bhattarai : The Star Director of the hour

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Five cinemas in his name and all blockbusters! The legendary Hari Bansha Acharya yearns to work with him, the most loved actor Bipin Karki shows his gratitude towards him for making Bipin a hero. The name and the fame has come with lots of hard work and dedication. Director Pradip Bhattarai has added one more feather in his cap with the success of ‘Mahajatra’.

The latest of the Jatra franchise ‘Mahajatra’ is running successfully in the second week of its release with 1 crore 83 lakhs gross collection opening. In the first week, the cinema boasts above 6 crores of gross collection. The cinema provides full dose of humor quotient and in a very subtle way presents the socio-political issues.

The flow of the story is so natural that the audiences involuntarily gets connected with the characters that they laugh, smile and shed tears in their story. And that’s the beauty of a cinema and the charisma of the director to make the audiences feel the represented characters as their own. It won’t be wrong to say director Bhattarai has made a clean sweep with his fifth directorial venture as well.

Started his career in television that too without any designation, his learning ability made him a director in no time. Maha jodi taking him under their wing became the major turning point in his career. He will always remain indebted to the MaHa team for the generous love and the experiences.

The first step ‘Jatra’ then ‘Jatrai Jatra’, ‘Shatrugate’, ‘Mahapurush’ to ‘Mahajatra’, director Bhattarai has made a name as the blockbuster director who presents humor with a tinge of the harsh reality. His cinemas are wholesome entertainment but are not vague, they present the actuality. No wonder his cinemas are worth the time and money spent.

‘Mahajatra’ is running in cinemas near you.