‘Dayarani’ teaser released

‘Dayarani’ teaser released

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – The teaser of actors Daya Hang Rai and Diya Pun starrer cinema ‘Dayarani’ has released. The teaser outlines the story of the cinema and is a combination of emotions and some light-hearted moments.

Daya and Diya are portrayed as childless couples. Diya forces husband Daya to remarry but he refuses to do so. The love and pain felt by this couple is portrayed in the teaser. There are certain light moments between Daya and his sister-in-law. Overall the teaser presents a stir of emotions and is receiving good responses. The cinema is expected to do well in the box office.

The lead pair, Daya and Diya’s chemistry is well appreciated. They had worked together before in ‘Mister Jholey’. Similarly, Pramisha Gurung playing the character of Diya’s sister has been noticed for her dialog delivery skill.

Actor Maotse Gurung is making a directorial debut with ‘Dayarani’. Written by Gurung himself, ‘Dayarani’ is a story of a repulsive husband and a kind wife. In Gurung community, a kind-hearted woman is called Dayarani, thus the name of the cinema.

Produced under the banner of Baasuri Films and Maotse Gurung Films, the crews comprise of Shailendra D. Karki as DOP, Bikram Swar as choreographer. Ram Babu Gurung and Apil Bista are the executive producers of the cinema. Mohan Gurung, New IT Venture, Kiran Gurung, Kendra Limbu, Maj. Khusiman Gurung MVO, Capt. Surendra Gurung and Capt. Surya Prakash Gurung have jointly produced the cinema.

Daya Hang Rai, Diya Pun, Bijay Baral, Pramish Gurung, Shrisha Kunwar, Nayan Gurung, Puskar Gurung, Tika Ram Ghale, Surya Sunwar, Rajendra Thapa, Sita Devi Gurung, Krishti Gurung are seen in pivotal roles with Buddhi Tamang in guest appearance.

‘Dayarani’ is slated to release on Magh 26.