Action superstar Biraj Bhatt’s son confirmed to debut from ’12 Gau’

Action superstar Biraj Bhatt’s son confirmed to debut from ’12 Gau’

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Action superstar Biraj Bhatt has made a mark on every Nepali cinema lovers’ heart with his work. Now it’s time his son Samir Bhatt carry on this legacy. By the looks of it, Samir has readied himself to bombard the cine industry with his charm.

Samir Bhatt is all set to make his debut with home production ’12 Gau’. Biraj Bhatt has confirmed the news. Samir was training himself since a decade for the cinema. He is taking lessons in Mumbai, India for acting, martial arts and gymnastics. A management graduate, Samir was approached by other Nepali cinema makers after looking at his snaps. But he decided to mark his debut with his father.

Samir has taken acting lessons from Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute. He is currently residing at Andheri, Mumbai. He has also received good responses from Bollywood and South Indian cinema makers. Biraj Bhatt wanted to debut his son from Nepali cinema thus the production of 12 Gau was decided. The cinema will be produced in Nepali language and might be dubbed in other languages too.

The story and screenplay of the cinema is by Santosh Sarkar. The songs are being composed by Arjun Pokhrel and will be sung by renowned Bollywood singers.

Nepali cine sector was lagging a full package hero and looking at how Samir has moulded himself, this scantiness will be fulfilled. The cinema will have high octane action sequences.