Psychological Thriller ‘Jump’s gripping trailer

Psychological Thriller ‘Jump’s gripping trailer

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – The final trailer of thriller cinema ‘Jump’ plunges into supernatural thrilling exploration of twists and webs of corruption.

Nepali cine makers had tried their hands before in the thriller genre, but Nepali cine sector is still new to the sudden jump scares, background score and the real thrilling content. ‘Jump’ is set to bring the thrill and chill to the cinemas.

The plot revolves around a national athlete who takes supernatural means to get his way. This supernatural journey is tangled with spine-chilling, formidable consequences. What follow are his past demons and the thrilling twists.

Director Aasutosh Dhoj Karki has tried his hands on thriller in his debut. He hopes the audiences will lure in for a different flavor in Nepali cinema. Saroj Shrestha, Binita Thapa Magar, Sandesh Shakya, Sagun Tamang, Manjil G.C., Shankhar Maharjan, Angelica Khatri, Arosma Ranjit, Prawal Kandel are featured in the cinema. Katha Projects Independent Studio’s presentation A Creative Makura Media Production ‘Jump’ is written by the director Karki himself.

‘Jump’ will hit the cinemas on Mangsir 29.