Will ‘Dimaag Kharaab’ awaken the audiences about their rights ?

Will ‘Dimaag Kharaab’ awaken the audiences about their rights ?

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – ‘Dimaag Kharaab’ is a tussle between a common man and the system. When the very system which should favor the citizen becomes a burden then the citizen will turn against it; that fight with the power is presented in the cinema.

It is not merely a cinema, it is a thought that director Nischal Basnet has had since 2013. It took him nearly ten years to execute it. The characters portrayed are fictional yet relatable. The ordeals they go through are the same as every citizen in our nation deals with every single day. It is not a political cinema, that has been made clear but can we stay away from the political system as the smallest matter is also affected by the system! ‘Dimaag Kharaab’ is one such story which represents the common man, his dreams, his struggles, his psychological aspect, his dejection, and his hopes with the system and what he feels when his hopes get shattered.

Why did Basnet choose ‘Dimaag Kharaab’? He answers-I felt that it is high time we talk about the negative impact misuse of power has made on the life of the citizens. I thought this voice must be heard and reach to the people. What I wanted to say is presented in the cinema. A cinema must be entertaining and this cinema has got that. After that, in sub layers there are messages and things that might inspire the audiences.

The team has really worked hard to make this project see the light of the day. The writer presented 17-18 drafts before the script got finalized. In fact, the script was changed several times. This is just how much effort the team has put in to serve a good cinema. All characters are well-written and they have given their best shot.

It is no news that the director actively voices his opinions on political matters via social media. When asked if he will actively join politics, he replies, “Maybe one day!”

The cinema features Khagendra Lamichhane, Daya Hang Rai, Arpan Thapa, Swastima Khadka, Bijay Baral, Suman Karki, Puskar Gurung, Maotse Gurung, Rama Thapaliya in pivotal roles. It has received a universal certificate from the censor board. Producer Raunak Bikram Kandel has said that the censor board officials appreciated the cinema and thanked the makers for presenting social issues of the nation in an effective manner.

‘Dimaag Kharaab’ will hit the cinemas on Kartik 24.