Usha Rajak’s Public Apology to Rajesh Hamal

Usha Rajak’s Public Apology to Rajesh Hamal

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Actor Usha Rajak has become a viral content in social media in recent days. This attention is not because of good things she has done but she dug her own grave when she made comments on Maha Nayak Rajesh Hamal.

Actor Rajesh Hamal is renowned as an intellectual actor. He is praised for his artistry and his contribution for the upliftment of Nepali cine sector. But, ever since he was awarded the title ‘Maha Nayak’, he is dragged into this never-ending controversy. Some agree that Rajesh Hamal is the sole deserving of the title while few voice their disagreement here and there. Is it their honest opinion or merely a funda to get viral!

Similarly, actor Usha Rajak gave such a contentious remark on actor Rajesh Hamal in an interview. She said- Hamal is an overrated actor. His acting is not that impressive and his dance (un) skills are well known to us. Her remark has aroused dispute among netizens. She has been harshly criticized for making such a statement.

After facing brutal criticism in social media, she succumbed and apologized to the Maha Nayak. Posting a status in social media, she wrote an apology note addressed to Hamal. “The remarks were made in a comedy show and I didn’t expect people to take it seriously. I had also praised actor Hamal for his intelligence and other contributions which unfortunately got lost in the digital thread” she wrote.  She further added, without making any excuse and blaming anyone I express my sincere apology.

There were few incidents before too where the artists had to ask for forgiveness as they were also admonished for making such statements against Rajesh Hamal.