Santosh Sen’s next ‘Balidan’ about internal conflict of Nepal

Santosh Sen’s next ‘Balidan’ about internal conflict of Nepal

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Cinema maker Santosh Sen is all set to take his next project on the floor. Titled ‘Balidan’, the cinema will speak about how people are being manipulated to sacrifice while the so-called corrupt leaders are being benefited by it. The cinema will present the reality of the Pahad- Madhesh conflict.

Santosh Sen is known for producing the blockbuster ‘Prem Geet’ series. He acted in the second part and acted plus directed the third part. ‘Prem Geet 3’ was also made in Hindi language and was shown in theatres across the globe. He is the man who opts for the betterment of Nepali cinemas and settles for nothing less.

Sen compromises on nothing when it comes to giving a better cinematic experience to the audience. Thus the estimated budget of Balidan is approx. six crores. The cast and crew members of the cinema are yet to be finalized but the shooting will tentatively begin after Dashain.

As per Sen, the cinema will be focussed on the sacrifices (Balidan) of the people in all revolutionary acts and how the leaders should also be ready to sacrifice for the nation. The cinema will have a legendary protagonist who will bring all those crooked in line. To be produced under the banner of Asusen Films, the cinema was originally titled Villa as initially the story was about an imaginary village. As the story developed, it raised the issue of the whole nation, thus the title changed to ‘Balidan’.

The story is being written by Darshan who is a resident of Madhes Province. Who better to write a story about the conflict than the one who knows it from within. Sen is planning on releasing the teaser of the cinema before Dashain.