Ram Babu Gurung’s ‘Degree Maila’ to release on New Year 2081

Ram Babu Gurung’s ‘Degree Maila’ to release on New Year 2081

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Director Ram Babu Gurung- the name is enough in itself to anticipate a great cinema. And one is sure to expect a blockbuster with ‘Degree Maila MA 3rd Class’. Though one shouldn’t count the chickens before they hatch,but  the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it!

The announcement has been made. Ram Babu Gurung’s next directorial venture Degree Maila MA 3rd Class will be released on the New Year 2081. He is the blockbuster cinema maker in current times and there are a lot of expectations with this cinema as well.

Produced under the banner of Baasuri Films, the cinema is based on the popular drama Degree Maila. Dayahang Rai had played the protagonist in the drama. As for the cinema, the cast and crews are yet to be announced.

As per the production team, the first schedule of filming will begin in Asoj and the second will follow in Mangsir. The cinema talks about the educated unemployment issues among the youths of the nation. The story is pertinent in today’s time as there are many educated youths without jobs left with a degree in hand.

Director Gurung is known for his relevant and authentic style. Last year, his two directorials Kabaddi 4and Fulbari were a huge success. This year his production venture Jaari released which was a hit at the box office.