Prepared for both positive-negative comments: ‘Parastree’ team

Prepared for both positive-negative comments: ‘Parastree’ team

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- ‘Parastree’ is a thriller cinema on deceitful human behavior specially focused on extra marital affairs. It is based on an issue that is happening in the society that no one openly talks about.

The team is quite hopeful of the audiences liking the cinema. ‘Parastree’ is Sooraj Pandey’s directorial debut. He has tried a different storyline, taken the risk to present a new taste for the audience.

Thriller genre is definitely new in Nepal but in recent days, the audiences have shown their interest and the makers are exploring this genre, which is a good thing. Talking about ‘Parastree’, actor Shilpa Maskey says our team has left no stones unturned to make a good cinema on a large scale. I hope the audiences will like it.

Shilpa was quite skeptical regarding her character. After getting the script, she was dubious on how she is going to justify that character. The intimate scenes, the bold role… she was playing the character of a married woman, in an unhappy marriage and in an extra marital affair. The writer of the cinema Deependra K. Khanal briefed her character and made her understand what was going on in that character’s mind. Another doubt was how the scenes would be shot! If not shot in an aesthetic manner, it will be vulgar. She is satisfied with the final execution.

The actors have readied themselves for all kinds of comments. Actor Koshish Chhetri says as an actor one must be open to both positive and negative comments. Sometimes the audiences shower so much love and other times that doesn’t happen, nevertheless an actor must know how to tackle both.

Chhetri is usually seen portraying dark roles. He agrees to have certain affinities to these roles. In ‘Parastree’, he has a different role that actually made him do the cinema. He believes his character will surely have an impact.

Talking about his character, Actor Gaurav Bista put it as an immature college graduate who is imprudent and on the way falls deep in the extra marital affair. He appreciated the ‘Parastree’ team and gave credit to the workshop which made all of the actors comfortable to accomplish a good cinema.

The team had arranged a month-long workshop for the actors. In the workshop, the actors connected to their respective characters, connected to each other; thus creating a comfortable environment during the shoot.

The sensual scenes always create questions. The actors say they executed the scenes in a very professional manner.

Director Sooraj Pandey states directing a cinema is a challenging job on its own. On top of that, presenting a woman’s story that too on such a topic was exigent. Having the best team made it easy for him. He, including the whole team, has given their best.

‘Parastree’ is ready to be released in both Nepali and Hindi languages. The cinema features Shilpa Maskey, Koshish Chhetri, Gaurav Bista, Alisha Chhetri in pivotal roles. It will be released in cinemas worldwide on June 30 (Asar 15).