Balen set to cease Indian cinemas release in Kathmandu

Balen set to cease Indian cinemas release in Kathmandu

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Until the makers of ‘Adipurush’ removes the dubious dialog about Nepal’s National Hero Sita from the cinema; Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Balen Shah is preparing to halt the release of all Indian cinemas in Kathmandu Metropolitan.

Nepal is a sovereign nation rich in its religious beliefs, cultural diversity and ethnic integrity and if anyone tries to violate this balance, one cannot stay quiet. As instructed in Part 5-56, section 6 in Nepal’s constitution: The Federation, State and Local levels shall protect Nepal’s freedom, sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence, national interest, Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Balen Shah is doing the exact same.

Mayor Shah had given a three-day ultimatum to South Indian cinema ‘Adipurush’ makers to remove a dialog about Nepal’s National Hero Sita. The cinema’s dialog mentioned Sita as India’s daughter but as per Ramayan, Sita was born in Janakpur, Nepal. This dubious dialog will certainly perplex many, thus Shah is adamant in removing this dialog. As the makers did not make any effort in doing so, he is now preparing to cease the release of all Indian cinemas in Kathmandu.

Mayor Shah believes this is a humiliation of Nepal’s cultural integrity and our National Hero. He further states in his status that this is cultural intrusion. He had also tried to communicate with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology on this matter but all in vain. Thus, he is set to take action from his side.

On hearing about the disagreement of Nepal regarding the dialog, the writer of the cinema in an interview said- ‘Nepal used to be a part of India once. Till 1903, Nepal was in India, so Janaki is India’s daughter.’ The makers did not seem to care about the religious sentiments.

From tomorrow, no Indian cinemas will be released in Kathmandu. If any theatres violate this, necessary actions will be taken as per the Mayor. Shah has further written in his status that, ceasing the release of ‘Adipurush’ only in Kathmandu Metropolitan City area but allowing it to release in other areas will establish the statement as a fact. So, until the makers remove the dialog against Nepal’s national interest, Indian cinemas will not be allowed to release in Balen’s territory.