Bahaab, A story worth telling

Bahaab, A story worth telling

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- A premiere show was organized by team ‘Bahaab’ on Wednesday at One Cinemas. After watching the cinema, everyone commended it to be worth watching.

‘Bahaab’ is a story of curiosity, introspection and reality. The war of opinions between a father and his daughter is presented in the cinema. Actors Surakshya Panta and Kamal Mani Nepal are portrayed in the daughter-father character. To give the reality touch to their character they lived as a family for a month prior to the shoot. While portraying the characters, they somewhat felt connected to the characters.

Director and writer Pramod Kandel has added his own experience in Surakshya’s brother’s character. Bahaab is a story of every household, while watching the cinema one will feel the characters and their journey. Producer Shreedhar Poudel found the story plot new and engaging thus decided to produce and present it to the audiences.

Surakshya Panta’s ‘Bahaab’ received good reviews in the premiere show. Cine workers, politicians, industrialists were present in the premiere who found the story of the cinema to be different. They applauded the actors’ performances.

Politician Raghuji Panta commended director Pramod Kandel’s work and wanted to see more of his work. He even applauded the acting, dialog and editing part. Similarly MP Padam Giri said the cinema has played a crucial part in bringing out the disparity of the society. ‘Bahaab’ is a real story of our society, adds Giri.

The likes of actors Bijay Baral, Bhola Raj Sapkota, Lunibha Tuladhar put in their good words. They highly admired the cinema’s story, presentation and performances. Actor Lunibha Tuladhar appreciated the mental health awareness subject presented and focused more cinemas should be made on the subject.  Overall, the story and the actors’ performances were admired.

Surakshya Panta, Kamal Mani Nepal, Afran Ali, Surya Sharma Bhatta, Ishwori Singh, Hiralal Kandel, Pawan Shrestha are featured in the cinema. Produced under the banner of Swornim Entertainment and Young Star Cinema, ‘Bahaab’ releases in theatres tomorrow, Chaitra 24.