Gangster War ‘2.0 Chhadke’ on Falgun 19

Gangster War ‘2.0 Chhadke’ on Falgun 19

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Anmol KC starrer ‘2.0 Chhadke’ is all set to hit the theatres. This is Anmol’s first reel gangster genre experience. Casting one of the most bankable and successful stars in the cinema has given ‘2.0 Chhadke’ the needed uproar. The cinema has become the most awaited among the audiences. Anmol has ignited his acting fire in the gangster role and has nailed it.

‘2.0 Chhadke’ presents the story of three gangs, viz. Royal Manang Gang, Barulaz Gang and Green Gang. These three gangs are fighting to gain solo access to Manang’s natural resources, mainly Yarshagumba.

Anmol can be seen as the gang leader of the Green Gang and is named Mendog. He is presented with tattoos all over his body with angry, ready-to-kill expressions. Riding on the bullet bike with a weapon in his hand, he has carried the gang with swag. This ‘Mendog’ has acted out his role with conviction.

‘2.0 Chhadke’ portrays the crudest form of gang wars in the most scenic area of Manang. Amidst this vengeance ridden act, is also the spectacular landscapes of the hilly region.

Director and writer Nigam Shrestha says the cinema brings out the reality on how the natural resources are being misused on a local level. “We have presented the story of Manang in our cinema, but this is merely a representation. Such activities are ongoing in every part of our country. There are gangs attempting to monopolize the resources and brawling for it. These gangs are associated with different political parties thus are saved by the leaders even for the deadliest crimes committed. This is also presented in the cinema.”

The cinema is produced by Prashant Giri and Dev Kumar Shrestha with Nirvana Film School and Laxman Kafle as executive producer. The cinema has Masco Singh and Rajendra Sapkota as DOP, Ravi Chaudhary and Lokesh Bajracharya as the editors.

‘2.0 Chhadke’ is slated to release on Falgun 19.