Anmol’s astounding gangster avatar

Anmol’s astounding gangster avatar

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Anmol KC is all set to test his versatility with ‘2.0 Chhadke’. The trailer will be out this Wednesday, February 22.

With the released poster and teaser, this Mendog has sealed the deal. With the anger in his eyes, cold blooded look, ferocious tattoos, vicious image and the untamed personality, can’t believe the neat lover boy image is gone.

The released materials have created quite a hype in the national and international arena. Now, the trailer of ‘2.0 Chhadke’ is ready to create havoc. The trailer will be out this Wednesday, February 22.

In today’s time if there is a star in Nepali cine industry, it is Anmol KC. Love him or hate him, this is a fact one cannot deny. He is the one who lured in the younger crowd to watch Nepali cinemas. He is the one and maybe the only one with the charismatic looks who never fails to dazzle and the stardom suits him.

For a long period of time, he was tried and tested as the lover boy. With ‘2.0 Chhadke’, he is trying his hands in a completely different genre. Chhadke is a gangster series, which is still in a tryout phase in Nepali cine industry. Anmol is taking a risk with this, but the more diamond is cut, the brighter it sparkles. The pressure, the diligence, the strive; it all can be seen in the way Anmol has molded himself as the Mendog. He looks astounding in the gangster avatar.

The ensemble cast of Anmol KC, Robin Tamang, Kamal Mani Nepal, Dev Kumar Shrestha, Srijana Subba with Resha Ale Magar, Ian Scott Clement are set to take the audience in a gangster mode. The cinema is produced by Prashant Giri and Dev Kumar Shrestha with Nirvana Film School and Laxman Kafle as executive producer.

Director Nigam Shrestha is all set to bring another trend setting cinema with ‘2.0 Chhadke’. The Bhyaguta Karaune Din is Falgun 19.