‘Jaari’, Authentic Taste of the Teaser

‘Jaari’, Authentic Taste of the Teaser

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Whenever we talk about how our cinemas can lure in the audiences, the answer is always to present authentic, organic cinema. The presentation style of today’s cinema has definitely changed, but very few portray the story that we can call our own. Amidst this, ‘Jaari’ is our own story.

The teaser of the cinema ‘Jaari’ has been released and what a gripping way to present the teaser. The teaser flows with the Palam song of the Limbu community. Actors Dayahang Rai and Miruna Magar are portrayed as a couple. After the blockbuster cinema Kabaddi 4, this is their second cinema together.

As shown in the teaser, certain obstacles come in between this couple. After that, Dayahang is attracted to Rekha Limbu and Roydeep Shrestha holds Miruna’s hand. The teaser is presented with Palam narration and Roydeep is shown singing Palam.

‘Jaari’, the name implies an adultery marriage in which a person has to pay some amount of fine for running away with somebody’s legal wife. In a scene in the teaser, a written agreement can be seen to pay Rs 60,000 as Jaari amount and to work as a cowherd in the person’s house until the Jaari amount is paid. The cinema’s story is that of 2052 BS. Limbu culture and attire is properly presented in the cinema.

Produced under the banner of Baasuri Films Production in association with Kabaddi Production, ‘Jaari’ is written and directed by Upendra Subba. The cinema features Dayahang Rai, Miruna Magar, Prem Subba, Bijay Baral, Roydeep Shrestha, Rekha Limbu, Anil Subba, Kamal Mani Nepal in pivotal roles. Produced by Ram Babu Gurung, the story concept is by Suresh Niyong Limbu.

After the teaser release, netizens had an overwhelming response. All of them are touched by the authenticity of the story. At the end, it is our own story and our own culture, if presented well, which wins the audiences’ hearts.

‘Jaari’ will be released on Baisakh 1, 2080 (April 14).