‘Fulbari’: A Never Seen Before Family Drama

‘Fulbari’: A Never Seen Before Family Drama

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Ram Babu Gurung’s directorial ‘Fulbari’ is all set to hit the theatres tomorrow, Falgun 5. The Kabaddi famed director is known to make cinemas based on realistic stories, so Fulbari is definitely on many’s watch list. As the trailer suggests, it is a story of a family, sacrifices made by the parents and the bitter truth side of the parent’s expectations.

‘Fulbari’ has 35.29% of shows in Kathmandu based multiplexes. With the release of Bollywood cinema Shehzada and Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, ‘Fulbari received average number of shows. But the number might increase with good word of mouth after release.

Actor Bipin Karki is portrayed as a father. It is the first time Karki is seen as a sexagenarian and he has moulded himself well in that character. He is one versatile actor in the industry. In almost all of his cinemas, he has enacted divergent characters. He likes challenging himself with new roles and he has accepted the challenge in ‘Fulbari’ too. He is portrayed as a retired teacher. Enacting an aged character is definitely not easy, but he has nailed it. No wonder, he is one of the lovable and sought after actors in Nepali cinemas. He expects the audiences will love the cinema.

Actor Priyanka Karki is also seen in the cinema after long. After being a mother, this is her first cinema. She claims ‘Fulbari’ to be a relatable family drama with good screenplay and presentation. She says, there is rarely anyone who is not touched by family drama. ‘Fulbari’ has all elements that a good family cinema must have; love in the family, disputes, anger, laughter, sadness is all well blended in the story.

“To make a good cinema, one must work on the story and it is not just the story, the presentation should be watchable. If the content, screenplay and presentation are well built, that cinema will be a powerhouse. And ‘Fulbari’ is efficient in the screenplay and presentation.” She is assured of the audiences liking the cinema.

‘Fulbari’ is a story of a home; a story about the love and support of a family. One can expect a good cinema from the blockbuster director Ram Babu Gurung. Director Gurung is known to make realistic cinemas. His cinemas are simple, the characters are relatable, thus they touch the hearts of the audiences in a way that very few cinemas do. Thus there are expectations from ‘Fulbari’ too.

Produced under the banner of Yashoda Films, the story of ‘Fulbari’ is by Kamal Kishor Malpani and written by Upendra Subba. The cinema has Josh Herum’s cinematography, Nimesh Shrestha as editor with Kali Prasad Baskota and Anupam Sharma’s music. Previously released song Maya Raichha Ra has received amazing response.