‘Harry Ki Pyari’ Grand Premiere

‘Harry Ki Pyari’ Grand Premiere

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – A grand premiere show was organized by team ‘Harry Ki Pyari’ on Tuesday at Big Movies, Kathmandu. The who’s who of Nepali cinema fraternity, celebrities and media persons was invited for the show. After watching the cinema, everyone commended it to be a worth watch.

Madan Krishna Shrestha graced the premiere and after watching the cinema, he said the cinema is beyond what he expected. The plot is very engaging and gripping.

Deepak Raj Giri, Deepa Shree Niraula, Kedar Prasad Ghimire were present in the premiere. After watching the cinema, Deepak Raj Giri appreciated Jeetu Nepal’s work. Actor Ghimire said the cinema makes you laugh and makes you shed tears too. Deepa Shree Niraula who even cried on some scenes said the performance is realistic and the story touches your heart.

Santosh Pant commended director Rijal’s work and further added the hero of this cinema is a person with a golden heart.

Director Rijal’s work was appreciated by all in the premiere. This is director Rijal’s debut in direction and he nailed it the first time. The likes of Akash Adhikari, Shivahari Poudel, Kiran KC, Yash Kumar put in their good words for the Harry Ki Pyari team. Actor Ramesh Upreti said the cinema touched his heart. Overall, the story and the actors’ performances were admired.

Actor Jeetu Nepal is playing the lead role for the first time in ‘Harry Ki Pyari’. It’s obvious he has more responsibilities for the box office outcome for this cinema. He has a total of seven cinemas released and six of them were super hits. He knows ‘Harry Ki Pyari’ is a challenge in his career, but he is assured of the content in the cinema, so he has performed outside of his comfort zone. He was initially dubious about playing Harry but is now pretty confident on the audience liking the cinema.

It is the content that is new and strong, I really want the audience to watch and enjoy the cinema says actor Samragyee RL Shah. She watched the whole cinema for the first time in the premiere and really liked her and Jeetu Nepal’s bonding. Our chemistry might sound unusual but the cinema is amazing, says Shah.

Directed by Dr. Kapil Rijal, Harry Ki Pyari also has his parents Dr. Bhola Rijal and Mrs Sarala Rijal acting in the cinema. Dr. Bhola Rijal is seen as a doctor in a short role. Director Kapil Rijal’s mother Mrs Sarala Rijal has portrayed the role of Samragyee’s grandmother.

Produced under the banner of BR Production, Director Dr. Kapil Rijal has written the story of ‘Harry Ki Pyari’. The cinema has Sudip Baral as DOP, Arjun GC as editor and Yug Bhusal and Shikhar Santosh as Music Director. The cinema is produced by Dr. Bhola Rijal with Manish Rijal, Pralaya Rijal, Sudip Baral and Jeevan Oli as Executive Producer.

‘Harry Ki Pyari’ will hit the theatres this Friday, Magh 20 in Nepali, Hindi, Marathi and Bengali languages.