‘2.0 Chhadke’ Teaser: On Fire

‘2.0 Chhadke’ Teaser: On Fire

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – On Fire! Babbal! Can’t wait to watch the cinema is what the audiences have been chanting after the teaser release of ‘2.0 Chhadke’. The teaser gives the Chhadke swag and the needed uproar.

The official teaser of ‘2.0 Chhadke’ is here and it has proved the Chhadke craze. It is intense and gripping. The teaser has got all the Chhadke gangster elements. First, let’s talk about Anmol KC-the Mega Star.

Anmol is one of the most bankable and successful stars in Nepali cinema industry till date, but still his acting caliber was always questioned. He was always this romantic hero that may be one reason he was undermined. With ‘2.0 Chhadke’, Anmol has ignited his acting fire in the gangster role, he has nailed it.

The looks with tattoos and his angry, ready-to-kill expression, one cannot believe he is doing it in reels for the first time. This ‘Mendog’ has acted out his role with conviction by engulfing himself in hardcore method acting. The moment where he cleans his blood smeared face on the dead man’s cloth with pure evil in his eyes, it was outstanding. No wonder, the netizens are going crazy on the King, MegaStar Anmol KC’s performance.

Portraying the crudest form of gang wars, social evils, conflicts, vengeance ridden acts director and writer Nigam Shrestha attempts to bring it all in front of the audience. Will this be a flawless masterpiece, we will know on Falgun 19 (Bhyaguta Karaune Din).

The ensemble cast of Anmol KC, Robin Tamang, Kamal Mani Nepal, Dev Kumar Shrestha, Srijana Subba with Resha Ale Magar, Ian Scott Clement are set to take the audience in a gangster mode. The cinema is produced by Prashant Giri and Dev Kumar Shrestha with Nirvana Film School and Laxman Kafle as executive producer. Director Nigam Shrestha is all set to bring another trend setting cinema with ‘2.0 Chhadke’.