Gulabi Ek Rang: A Transwoman Story

Gulabi Ek Rang: A Transwoman Story

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- This poster created quite a sensation after release. One cannot recognize who it is at first glance. It is actor Najir Husen presented as a transwoman in the newly released poster of cinema ‘Gulabi Ek Rang’. On the occasion of Saraswati puja, this surprising first look is released.

With red tika on his forehead, nose ring, earring and the make-up Najir looks unrecognizable. It is not just the looks but the emotion his face is portraying, that gives the chills. The face looks bold, defiant, and ready to take on the world, uncertain about the future but confident in the present. It is a challenging role that Najir has taken in his career. The poster has left everyone curious about the cinema.

‘Gulabi’ speaks about the story of a transwoman and the hurdles she has to face. It is a cruel world for a woman and even more brutal for transwomen. Hopefully, the cinema will speak about equal rights and freedom and visualize the struggles, pain and the truth on the subject.

‘Gulabi Ek Rang’ will be directed by Samundra Bhatta. The story is by the director herself and Ram Kumar Shrestha and Najir Hussain have collaborated for the screenplay and dialog. Produced under the banner of The Sky Ocean Entertainment, the cinema will have Alok Shukla’s cinematography.

Director Bhatta had returned to Nepal after completing her studies on cinema from Toronto, Canada. Her debut direction was Aadha Page.