‘Fulbari’ Trailer Release

‘Fulbari’ Trailer Release

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – There was a time in Nepali cinemas when family dramas were hits. The audiences loved the story and would quite relate to the pain of the protagonists. Times changed and more urban stories followed. And now, director Ram Babu Gurung has brought back the family drama with ‘Fulbari’.

‘Fulbari’ is a story of a home; a story about the love and support of a family. Actors Bipin Karki and Aruna Karki portray the role of the parents who have lived a very simple yet happy life in a village. They expect nothing but love and a little support from their children. They want their family to stay united. But little did they know their children have grown and have built their own family; their children are no more their family now.

The expectations of parents at the times of need from their children and how their expectations are crushed are shown in the trailer. One can expect a good cinema from the blockbuster director Ram Babu Gurung. He knows how to captivate his audiences through simple and relatable stories.  The audiences will build a bond with the characters and will surely smile and cry with them.

Director Ram Babu Gurung is known to make realistic cinemas. His cinemas are simple, the characters are relatable, thus they touch the hearts of the audiences in a way that very few cinemas do. No wonder, the empathetic story plot brings out charismatic box office results.

Produced under the banner of Yashoda Films, the story of ‘Fulbari’ is by Kamal Kishor Malpani and written by Upendra Subba. The cinema has Josh Herum’s cinematography, Nimesh Shrestha as editor with Kali Prasad Baskota and Anupam Sharma’s music. Previously released song Maya Raichha Ra has received amazing response.

All set to release on Falgun 5, ‘Fulbari’ is produced by Manish Dhakal with Maniram Pokharel as Executive Producer. Ram Babu Gurung directed Kabaddi 4 created history of the highest grossing cinema. Thus, a positive outcome is expected from his upcoming venture ‘Fulbari’ as well.