‘December Falls’ Trailer receives overwhelming response

‘December Falls’ Trailer receives overwhelming response

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Amazing trailer, looks promising, Aaryan Sigdel is back, eagerly waiting…. The trailer of Aaryan Sigdel and Upasana Singh Thakuri’s upcoming cinema ‘December Falls’ receives overwhelming response.

‘December Falls’ is a story of an exceptional love, heart-warming romance and fight for love. When actors Aaryan Sigdel and Upasana Singh Thakuri were paired, it sounded peculiar; but the cinema is the story of age difference and the actors’ chemistry is amazing. To witness Aaryan Sigdel’s romantic avatar on the big screen, after years, is a treat for his fans. No wonder, the comment section in YouTube is filled with happy fans who want to see more of him.

The two minutes twenty-three seconds long trailer gives a glimpse of the romance and war for love. The romantic side of the male lead and his struggle to win his love is entertaining. Actor Sigdel is absolutely amazing in this part. Upasana looks good and perfectly fits in the character of a nurse. The trailer also creates curiosity. The heart-warming dialogues and actors’ romantic chemistry are the luring part of the cinema.

Directed by Pravin Jha, action- love story ‘December Falls’ is produced by Ram Prasad Rijal. Rijal has already produced One DayKasamDhuwa Yo Nasha and Kaira. The story of the cinema is by Bipika Khanal, action by Shree Shrestha. The screenplay and dialogue is by Kedar Bhushal and Pratik Poudel. Shot by Mahesh R. Gupta, Edited by Banish Shah ‘December Falls’ also stars Suman Thapa, Naresh Bhattarai, Salon Basnet, Shivahari Poudel, Nagendra Rijal, Shishir Rana.

Produced under the banner of Rijal and Rijal Productions, ‘December Falls’ will hit the theatres on December 30 (Poush 15).