‘Chi Musi Chi’ Teaser out

‘Chi Musi Chi’ Teaser out

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- The teaser of horror, thriller cinema ‘Chi Musi Chi’ Even Dead Desire Belonging is released. The horror flavor presented can make it an engrossing watch.

‘Chi Musi Chi’ Even Dead Desire Belonging has created interest among the audiences with its teaser. The 1 minute 23 seconds long teaser sans dialogue creates curiosity and thrill and gives chills with the background score and actors’ gestures. The released teaser has expectations of a well-executed horror tale. This genre still has a long way to go in case of Nepali cinemas. The makers aim to pave a good path for this genre, thus they have worked on story, cinematography and post production, says producer Arun Chakraborty.

Produced under the banner of Amy Studios, ‘Chi Musi Chi’ stars Priyanka Karki, Reecha Sharma, Benisha Hamal, Aayushman D Joshi, Rajan Khatiwada, Rabindra Jha and Gaurav Bista among others.

The cinema is directed by Myrhna James and Yash Saini. It has got both Nepali and Bollywood technicians thus the audiences can expect freshness in the cinema. It is produced by Rinju KC and Arun Chakraborty.

The release date of cinema ‘Chi Musi Chi’ Even Dead Desire Belonging is Poush 22. The makers are hopeful in establishing horror, thriller trends with this cinema.