‘I was trying to be a hero, now I will try to be an artist’, said Pradeep.

‘I was trying to be a hero, now I will try to be an artist’, said Pradeep.

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Actor Pradeep Khadka starrer movie ‘Prakash’ will be released on 10th of Bharda. Pradeep is presented in a different character in the movie ’Prakash’. He has come out of his ‘comfort zone’. Neither his heroism nor his chocolatey avatar will be seen in the movie ‘Prakash’.

He acted in the role of a poor young man from Jumla and walked the streets of Kathmandu barefoot to imbibe the character. lose weight Learned acting from Anup Baral. During the shooting, he also plowed according to the character’s demand. This shows how serious he was towards cinema and character.

After hearing Prakash’s idea, Pradeep was ready to work, but after reading the script, he thought that it would not be possible to work. While talking to a journalist in Chitwan on Friday, he said – ‘When I saw the first idea, I liked it and said I would do it, but after reading the script, I had to speak the language of Jumla and have a character like Jumla, so I talked to the director about what would happen if I couldn’t do it.’

Pradeep liked the one-line story of ‘Prakash’ very much. However, until then, nothing was decided about how the story would be and what the character would be. The story told by the writer made him feel that, he saw the future of Nepal before his eyes. He felt that he should work if the cinema is showing that the current system of Nepal can cause problems in the future.

There are viewers who like different kinds of movies than the ones he is doing and he wanted to attract those viewers to Nepali cinema. ‘In my earlier movies, I used to get feedback that there was no essence story at all. Then I thought that till today I was trying to be a hero, now I will try to be an artist’, said Pradeep.

‘Prakash’ is not a movie that will make you sleepy. Let’s get rid of the thought that cinema with patriotisim is boring. ‘Prakash’ is a completely commercial movie. Only the backdrop and set-up are ours’, actor Khadka clarified.

The movie stars Pradeep Khadka, Deeya Maskey, Prakash Ghimire, Rajan Khatiwada, Rambabu Regmi, Niraj Panthi and Hum BC and others. The movie ,produced under the banner of Binish Entertainment, produced by Mahendra Adhikari. Themovie , directed by Dinesh Raut, has been penned by Bikash Subedi whereas Anup Baral casted the major characters in the film.

Cinematography by Rajesh Shrestha, edited by Jeevan Thapa, music by Subas Bhushal, Deepak Sharma, Tara Prakash Limbu and Alish Karki, sound design by Uttam Neupane CAS and background score by Shailesh Shrestha. Produced by Mahendra Adhikari. the movie is distributed by Rohit Katel and Ratna Shrestha of RR Films.