Miruna forgives; Phurpa accepts his mistake and apologizes

Miruna forgives; Phurpa accepts his mistake and apologizes

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Actress Miruna Magar and Phurpa Tamang has signed an understanding after the latter apologized for his indecent behavior.

Actress Miruna Magar had recently filed a case against Phurpa Tamang accusing him of harassment during an event of her cinema Kabaddi 4. She was present at QFX Cinemas, Civil mall for a session with audiences where she accused Tamang of touching her improperly in the crowd. He was then arrested and taken into custody.

Phurpa Tamang originally from Mugu realized his mistake and sincerely apologized to Actress Miruna Magar. Magar, being generous, accepted his apology and forgave him as a brother. Both parties also signed an understanding where the actress has expressed her deepest apology for the sudden situational impact caused upon Buddhist religion and its disciples. It has also been mentioned to not further discuss on the topic and create religious, social intolerance of any kind in the understanding agreement.

Kabaddi 4- The Final Match has been running successfully in theatres all over Nepal and has been breaking records and creating history with the overwhelming responses from