‘Close-Up’BY Jiwan Parajuli ‘,A dimension of Nepali Cinema History

‘Close-Up’BY Jiwan Parajuli ‘,A dimension of Nepali Cinema History

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu– Nepali cinema’s dimensions and personalities’ based non-fiction book ‘ Close-Up ‘ has been published. In a program organized in Kathmandu, the book penned by film journalist Jiwan Parajuli was jointly released by Actress Karishma Manandhar, Director and Actress duo Deepashree Niraula and Jharna Thapa, Chairman of Film Development Board Dayaram Dahal, President of Federation of Nepal Journalists Bipul Pokhrel , Director Narayan Puri , Poet and Film Director Rajendra Shalabh .

Edited by Film Director and Critic Dipendra Lama, 363 pages long book is divided into six parts: ‘ Ani Suru Bhayo Nepali Chalchitra Uddhyog ‘, ‘ Rajesh Hamal: Yugdekhi Yugsamma ‘, ‘ Bharatbata Nepali Chalachitra: Seemanale Alag , Bhasha Ra Sirjanale Ek’, ‘Sanghuro Chha Aadha Aakash ‘, ‘ Chalachitra Nirdeshanma Chautho Anga ‘ and ‘ Antyama ‘ . The book describes the experience of film workers and struggles in different periods of time.

Director Rajendra Shalabh had commented on the book, ‘Close-Up’ is well documented for those eager to learn about Nepali cinema. He also advised the author to publish another part of the book including experiences of other characters.

Similarly, Actress Karishma Manandhar pointed out the importance of books even in this digitalized world. She said that she finds books trustworthy and reality based to know more about world cinema and believes ‘Close-Up’ will help build acquaintance with Nepali cinema. Director and actress Jharna Thapa thanked the author for filling life in Nepali film workers via the book. Director Deepashree Niraula takes the book as a lifelong documentation of film workers who are usually forgotten after the limelight fades and applause ends.

“Close-Up is an excellent and beautiful beginning which will take superficial Nepali cinema journalism to new analytical writings”, says Chairman of Film Development Board, Dayaram Dahal. Actor Uttam Pradhan , Directors Narayan Puri , Dinesh DC, President of Federation of Nepal Journalists Bipul Pokhrel appreciated the author’s commitment in scripting Nepali cinema’s history.

Author Parajuli shared his obligation to add more events and personalities in other books. He says, “This book can be taken as a first part. I just tried quenching my thirst for writing, which led to the shape of ‘Close-Up’. There’s still more from history, waiting to be reflected. There are so many legends that have made the foundation of Nepali cinema. Those parts of history are yet to be demonstrated.”

Thuloparda Media’s publication Close Up’s online market management will be done by Kitab Yatra. The team plans on publicizing the book in different European countries, Thailand, India, South Korea, Australia and many more. It will be made available all over Nepal and through Amazon, all over the world.