Anmol-Suhana back to create another blockbuster

Anmol-Suhana back to create another blockbuster

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times,Kathmandu- The most awaited cinema of the year, ‘A Mero hajur 4’ trailer will be released this Wednesday.

It was quite a wait and it will be worth the wait! ‘A Mero hajur 4’ team has been creating elation among the audiences with the teaser and songs released. It is assured that this Anmol-Suhana starrer cinema will be another blockbuster. Affectionately called Radha-Krishna by the audiences, they showed astounding chemistry in A Mero Hajur 3 and are one of the most adored jodi in Nepali cinemas.

The Covid pandemic hit the cinema real hard. To begin with, the team suffered a lot as the shooting couldn’t be run smoothly and the release date had to be shifted again and again. But, the team held tight and what followed is a beautiful cinema that will surely lift all the hassles that the Nepali film sector had to endure.

With the release of the teaser, audiences got a glimpse of what the cinema has to offer. Then the two songs released, Phoola ko Thunga and Suntala were very well received. Visually enthralling tale of love, ‘A Mero Hajur 4’ has all the quotients for the audiences to enjoy.

A film by Jharana Thapa; Anmol KC, Suhana Thapa, Salon Basnet starrer ‘A Mero Hajur 4’ has locked the date for its release. The cinema is slated to hit the theatres on Baisakh 1, 2079.