Prakash Saput’s ‘Pir’: A Truth Beneath the Controversy?

Prakash Saput’s ‘Pir’: A Truth Beneath the Controversy?

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times— Prakash Saput, a day before releasing his song ‘Pir’, writes on his Facebook page that he doesn’t want to compose such songs. But, his creation takes him there. He asks, “Am I a pessimist or is it the time that’s cynical?”

‘Pir’, the latest song by Prakash Saput has created a lot of sensation and debate in just a day of its release. After nearly six months of ‘Kura Bujhnaprachha’, he has come with his official new song, ‘Pir’. In just 24 hours of its release, it has crossed 2 million views and has been garnering positive acclamation. His soulful voice, heartrending lyrics and stirring video story have been applauded by the audiences.

Then, what is the controversy about? Well, this song has divided people into two groups; one, who says the song has portrayed the exact scenario of so called New Nepal after the revolution and the other who believes that the Republic revolution has brought in the changes and this song has demoralized people’s sacrifice.

Especially few Maoists leaders and personnel are offended by this song. They have said that this song has dejected the spirit of people’s revolution. The way the video has portrayed a female revolutionary is vitiation to whole womankind. The video speaks a story of a former revolutionary couple, who fought for the people during the armed people’s revolution, but got nothing in return except the bullet wound. The video also shows a tale where a former female revolutionary works as a sex worker to earn her livelihood. This exact scene has upset some, so they have asked to remove such scenes that sketch republican women soldiers as promiscuous. Those women had fought for the freedom and against caste discrimination, how can he forget all those and make a song defaming those women! Some Maoists personnel have asked Saput to remove the song from YouTube.

While there’s contention going on, many have supported the video of the song and say it’s in accordance with reality.