Hollywood star Will Smith at the top of Burj Khalifa for a YouTube reality series

Hollywood star Will Smith at the top of Burj Khalifa for a YouTube reality series

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – From the age of 17 the now 53-year-old has ticked off more showbiz milestones than most performers see in a lifetime. From underground hip-hop with compadre DJ Jazzy Jeff in the mid-’80s, to breaking out on the small screen in NBC’s The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (1990-1996), to Bad Boys (1995) and the soon to be released King Richard (2021), the list of credits is seemingly endless. A more enviable career from one of the strongest personalities in entertainment we could not imagine. Yes we are talking about Hollywood star Will Smith.

Will Smith’s YouTube documentary series Best Shape Of My Life, aims to reveal the man behind the success. Two episodes has been released so far.

For the local viewership, perhaps the most interesting aspect of Best Shape Of My Life comes in the second part where, after an unsatisfactory start to his weight loss experiment in LA, Smith boldly proclaims: “we’re going to Dubai.” The opening visuals of the city, gleaming in the morning sun, are voiced-over by the frequent visitor saying: “Dubai fits my personality. It just speaks to how I see the world and how I see life. If you’re going to build a building are you not going to try to build the Burj Khalifa?”

The performer then reasons, as a result of the time difference with California, the UAE provides ample sanctuary from his regular hectic day-to-day schedule.

“When they’re awake, I’m asleep and when they’re asleep I’m awake. It’s perfect. It’s like no contact, no phone calls,” he said about his break from Tinsel Town.

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Smith takes up residence at the Nad Al Sheba Sports Complex (NAS) – a dedicated facility often home to professional teams in need of warm-weather training – where he demands no distractions in order to maximize his health gains to aid powering through penning the last of the biog. A quick visit to the planet’s tallest manmade structure, though, is planned as a fitness test. Walking up the Burj Khalifa’s 160 floors takes the performer an impressive 51 minutes.