Watch: Manoj Pandit’s new crime thriller ‘EK’ trailer released

Watch: Manoj Pandit’s new crime thriller ‘EK’ trailer released

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Since the pandemic began most of the sectors are highly affected. One of them is cinema industry. The cinema halls of Nepal are still not open and feels it won’t open any sooner. This has resulted in the halt of many film productions and we can also see many film actors these days playing in music videos. Those that are in the pipeline are also releasing their movies online.

In this chaos situation, a new movie trailer has been released. The new flick titled ‘Ek’ has been written and directed by Manoj Pandit.

The film revolves around an intelligence officer of CSI (Center for Security Intelligence) who struggles with a mission to save Nepal from disintegration due to foreign intervention. Actor Bishal Pokhrel has made a come back through this movie along with Pramod Agrahari in the lead.

Produced by Atma Guragain and Sophia Thapa, the movie also features Jyotsna Yogi, Sabeer Churaute, Pramod Khadka, Bishwant Pokhrel, Madan Thakur, Suresh Shah, Ram Sharan Pathak and Haroon Ali.

The movie ‘Ek’ will also be released online through Cinemaghar, Dish Home, Net TV, Via TV, Max TV, Oho! movies on September 7th 2021.

Watch the trailer: