See Which Bollywood Actress Crowned As Sexiest Women.

See Which Bollywood Actress Crowned As Sexiest Women.

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times,Kathmandu- Bollywood is quite influential in the world of entertainment, film and fashion. An online poll released in London recently has revealed that actress Alia Bhatt has been crowned the Sexiest Asian Female of 2019 while Deepika Padukone as been crowned the Sexiest Woman of the decade.

The Sexiest Asian Female list is based on online votes, media coverage, impact and heat generated across various social media platforms.

Alia was reportedly picked as she is looked upon as a powerful symbol of girl power, who is a representation of the empowered modern-day woman. Alia Bhatt has dethroned Deepika Padukone, who topped the list last year.

Priyanka Chopra also featured on the list of sexiest Asian women of the year, but on the 10th spot and behind Deepika Padukone to take the second spot on the list of sexiest women of the decade.

Katrina Kaif came in 4th and Sonam Kapoor at the 10th spot. Among all the influential women on the list, Ananya Panday is the youngest, at the age of 21. She was ranked at number 36.