Keki Adhikari shooting for ‘Jhinge Dau’ in Bhakunde Besi. (Video)

Keki Adhikari shooting for ‘Jhinge Dau’ in Bhakunde Besi. (Video)

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times,Kathmandu- Known to get under the skin of her characters, Keki Adhikari didn’t disappoint the team in Bhakunde Besi where she arrived to shoot her upcoming cinema ‘Jhinge Dau’ that sees her playing a typical rural married woman.

Not only was the Cha Maya Chhapakkai stunner dressed like a typical married woman from rural area, she also acted like one when the camera wasn’t rolling.

While she was shooting with co-star Aanchal Sharma,Mukun Bhusal and Kushal Bista, we clicked some photographs of her off-camera moments where Keki is seen sporting two pigtails and dressed in a simple sari and cholo with minimal makeup.

‘Jhinge Dau’ marks directorial venture of Gyanendra Deuja who chose Khotang and then Bhakunde Besi as a setting for his cinema for a very special reason.