Shilpa Pokhrel decides to “move forward separately” heads for divorce !! (Video)

Shilpa Pokhrel decides to “move forward separately” heads for divorce !! (Video)

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- The world of glamour is an attractive place for all of us. We see the celebs who enjoy stardom and lead a lifestyle that is to die for but they too have to go through pain and hardships in life. In fact they also face social evils like domestic violence and abuse.

Recently Shilpa Pokharel who have had to go through abusive relationship in her three complete years of marriage apparently filed a police complaint against producer husband Chhabi Ojha accusing him of domestic violence.

In her complaint, the actress alleged she was manhandled by her husband often and also verbally abused her for months.

In an recent interview with Newfilmy, Shilpa opened up with her bitter experience she had with her husband who mentally and physically tortured her. Shilpa have decided to go ahead with their divorce and end the 3-year marriage. This confirmation came days after she filed a complaint against her husband. However,it is not yet confirmed that Shilpa might demand any alimony.

The couple tied the knot 3 yrs before, in a quiet and intimate affair, with just their families and closest friends in attendance.