Aayushman & Shilpa starrer ‘Sano Mann’ gets postponed. Read why:

Aayushman & Shilpa starrer ‘Sano Mann’ gets postponed. Read why:

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- The shoot for Aayushman DS Joshi and Shilpa Maskey’s cinema ‘Sano Mann’ began in January this year. The cinema is backed by Yogesh Gurung, Rajiv Shrestha and Rajendra Manandhar. Helmed by Suyog Gurung, the cinema also stars Gauri Malla and Bishal Pahari.

Ayushman will be seen as a lover who is after his love interest while Shilpa is playing a character of a confused in love but focused in work type of lady in the cinema. The love story drama was supposed to hit the theatres on 5th of July, however, things didn’t go as planned. According to the makers, they there are some incomplete technical work still to be done which is why, the cinema is postponed to a new date.

Now, the cinema has finally got a release date. The makers shared the news on the social media. The cinema will be hitting the screens on 12th of July 2019.