Suhana Thapa: Some interesting facts about the rising star.

Suhana Thapa: Some interesting facts about the rising star.

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Hey Readers! 2075 has been a year of good cinemas and debuts. We saw good actors as debutant including Dhiraj Magar, Mallika Mahat, Upashana Singh Thakuri, Priyanka MV, actress Jharana Thapa’s daughter Suhana Thapa and many others.

Even before the release of A Mero Hajur 3, the latest hit of tinsel town actress Suhana Thapa has managed to gain enough media attention. She was seen opposite to superstar Anmol KC in AMH3.

And today here is a list of facts you might want to know about Suhana Thapa who’s glamorous and sanskari at the same time.

  1. Suhana Thapa also known as Suhani Thapa was born as a first and only child to actress Jharna Thapa and producer Sunil Kumar Thapa.

2. She is quite close emotionally to her papa. She completed her schooling from Malphi school and currently doing her further studies in United States.

3. Suhana is a really good person in real. She believes in lord Krishna and she’s a true krishna bhakta who believes in good works.

4. In addition to this, she is a pure vegetarian. It is a known fact that she shares a healthy relationship with Anmol KC. The actress on various occasions has praised Anmol and it is said that the two are like good friends.

5. Suhana finds actor like Anmol KC, Dhiraj Magar and Ashirman DS Joshi cute and rates Bipin Karki as one of the most versatile actor. interestingly her favourite actor is the king of romance ‘Shahrukh Khan’.