Birthday Special: Bold and beautiful Priyanka Karki turns 33.

Birthday Special: Bold and beautiful Priyanka Karki turns 33.

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Born as a first child to parents Bhupendra Karki and Raksha Malhotra on 27 February, the gorgeous power house of talent Priyanka Karki turned 33 today.

The actress who is known for her memorable roles in cinemas like Nai Navannu La 2, Jholay, Chakka Panja, Suntali, Fateko Jutta, Chakka Panja 2, Satrugatey and many others has come a long way from her modeling days. She has successfully managed to earn big name and fame in the industry today.

She participated in Miss Teen Nepal in 2005 at a very young age. Afterwards in 2006 she started her career as an anchor on television, after which she was roped in for a role in popular show ‘Gharbeti Ba’ in the year 2006.

After completing her higher studies in University of North Alabama, Karki returned back to Nepal and started her journey in silver screen through ‘3 Lovers’, in which she also won popular debutant actress award as she played ‘Diya’ in the cinema. Apart from acting, actress Karki also released her solo album ‘Swotantra’ and lend her voice as a singer.

Actress Karki is also one of the most followed Nepalese celebrity on social media.Priyanka Karki has her hands full these days with her upcoming projects and she’s also tying the knot with beau actor Ayushman DS Joshi next year.

We wish the actress good luck for her upcoming projects and a very Happy Birthday.