Bhuwan KC finds a best friend in son Anmol KC. Read here:

Bhuwan KC finds a best friend in son Anmol KC. Read here:

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Superstar Anmol KC, is all over the news for his performance in the recently released trailer and songs of his upcoming ‘Captain’.

The cinema dwells into the relationship of a football player with his nation where Anmol is playing Ishaan Khadka, the captain of national football team.

Recently, the makers of Captain released an item song ‘Curly Curly Kapal’ in which Anmol is dancing with his dad Bhuwan KC along with actress Niruta Singh. Speaking of relationship with his dad Bhuwan KC in real life, Anmol KC , share an amicable bond, so much so that they are best friends to each other.

Both, Bhuwan KC and Anmol Kc, never fail to admire each other and openly display genuine respect on social media and various interviews. Clearly, their relationship is pure father-son relationship goals, right?

All the sons out there should learn from Anmol as to how to respect your father religiously, and all the fathers should learn from Bhuwan KC as to how to take care of your son and show him the right path always.