The audience demand for ‘YouTube release’ of Nepali films grows higher. Read more:

The audience demand for ‘YouTube release’ of Nepali films grows higher. Read more:

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu-  The trend of Nepali cinema releasing on web through YouTube just some months after it releases in theatres is increasing.  Yes, as a revenue stream, it has become an important factor for the Nepali cinema industry. 

But on the other hand, after releasing any of the awaited cinema, the audiences curiosity to watch their favorite star’s cinema heading to theatres have declined gradually. 

Some Nepali audiences instead of watching it in nearby theatres have nowdays begun to wait for  Youtube release of the cinemas.  Not only this, in some cases, the audiences even request for the internet release of some cinema even before it releases at theatres.

According to the distributors,  if the public is given the privilege of watching the cinemas in internet just after couple of months of it’s release then why would they spend money watching it in theatres? However, the trend of releasing the cinemas within two to three months after it’s release has gradually declined the number of audiences in the theatres, it has also caused huge loss to the producers. 

Not only the audience outside the country but unfortunately, the audiences within the country as well request for online release of any cinema which is of course disappointing for the makers.

This is why, some of the filmmakers have managed and urged to manage and control the trend of releasing the cinema too early on web so as to improve and flourish the box office business of cinema industry.