‘Daal Bhat Tarkari’ Official Announcement with Full Casts

‘Daal Bhat Tarkari’ Official Announcement with Full Casts

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – ‘Shatru Gate’ is one of the successful cult classic comedy cinema in Nepali cine industry. Shatru Gate hit theatres on last year and since then, audiences have been eagerly waiting for next project from the team. Much to the happiness of the fans, Maha Sanchar banner with Kiran KC presentation officially announced their new comedy cinema ‘Daal Bhat Tarkari’ with the original cast.

After the grand success of ‘Shatru Gate’, the makers feel it’s a good time to kick off a next project. Makers made official announcement of ‘Daal Bhat Tarkari’ in an event with full cast and introduction to director Sudan KC. Sudan KC, who will take over as a director is a son of maker Kiran KC. He has already co-directed two Hollywood cinemas – ‘Remember Me’ and ‘My Love’, and also a co-director for this team’s last project ‘Shatru Gate’.

The cinema will features a stellar star cast of Madan Krishna Shrestha, Haribansha Acharya, Niruta Singh, Priyanka Karki, Pushpal Khadka, Swostima Khadka, Basundhara Bhusal, Rajaram Poudel, Shishir Bangdel in pivotal roles. Audiences will witness the on screen pairing of Pushpa and Swostima, and Hari Bansha Acharya and Niruta Singh for the first time. Cinema will depict the struggle story for earning the basic need ‘Daal Bhat Tarkari’ in comical pitch.

In an event, it is reported that the project will shot in a start schedule from first week of Mangsir and will release in Baisakh 13, 2076. Cinema will be jointly produced by Pramila Acharya, Yaman Shrestha, Narendra Kansakar, Shivahari Poudel, Rajaram Poudel, Dirgha Gurung, Anurag Kunwar, Wilson Rai, Dipendra Khaniya and Sumit Mainali.

If the Shatru Gate is on your list of favourite Nepali comedies then get ready for the next project ‘Daal Bhat Tarkari’ since the makers are ready to revive the fun filled affair once again.