Pandit Bajeko Lauri’ Premier, Outstanding Review

Pandit Bajeko Lauri’ Premier, Outstanding Review

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – ‘Pandit Bajeko Lauri’ all set to release on Friday, held Premier Show on Wednesday at KL tower, Fcube hall. Cinema showered with outstanding feedbacks. Utmost witness of premier show praised the acting skill of cinema lead actress Sandhya KC.

Cinema director Deepak Oli is all satisfied with the feedbacks of presented guests and media journalists.

Cinema based on the dominating story of so called upper caste Pandits and Badi community misery’s serious tale is presented in comic way. Cinema team believes that the cinema will be giving a good message to their audiences, while they will be crying out with the laugh through out the cinema.

Cine critics loved the presentation of ‘Pandit Bajeko Lauro’ sentence’s double meaning. It was presented in such a excellency that none of the audience find out it vulgar. Adhrit Films Pvt banner cinema stars Bholaraj Sapkota, Prabin Khatiwada, Bijay Baral, Pramod Agrahari, Marishka Pokhrel, Sandhya KC, Lokendra Lekhak, Bishal Pahari and Kuldip Adhikari.

Lead actress Sandhya KC was in tears with the positive feedback to the her acting and cinema. Dipak Oli directed deep dark relationship story of so called higher caste ‘Pandit’ and so named lower caste ‘Badini’, is jointly produced by Thaman Kumar Bhandari (Raj) and Kishor Khadka.