The bold & beautiful Samragyee, whose fame is lot far.

The bold & beautiful Samragyee, whose fame is lot far.

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah, the pretty actress is now geared up for ‘Kayara’ release co-starring Aaryan Sigdel.

Lately, Samragyee is riding all the opulence and grandeur from the quite a stir in cine-circles of cinema ‘Kayara’.

Samragyee is one of the most flawless bold beauties in Nepali cine industry. She is the most popular actress of new generation. Her fame is lot far that there are no way people don’t find something charming about her cinema. She is the most likeable brand of any cinema. Her charms stands out in her every cinemas. The number of her followers are too big to let her fail.

As we all know that few times ago, ‘Intu Mintu Londonma’ starring Samragyee released the teaser. Samragyee received a dhamaakedar response from the masses. She holds lots of influence in her every earlier and upcoming cinemas.

Her charm is rising high right after her debuting flicks cinema ‘Dreams’. No female newcomer has made the stunning impact like she did. She became a dazzling diva since her debut cinema.

Samragyee is also known for her decent and hardwork.  Her co-actors and cinema makers says that she is very down to earth person and very hardworking at the same time. She makes sure to give her

100% to her every project. One of the example is the promotion time of ‘Timi Sanga’. Despite of the fact that she needs to be in overseas for her next project, she managed everything and gave all the required time and dedication for ‘Timi Sanga’ promotion. This proves that, Samragyee is really worth to pay actress.


Samragyee is one of the actress who don’t get bothered with negative comments and news at all. She lets people and media for negative news and comments as it is something to be talked about. She takes a lesson from those negative feedbacks and comes with the strong version of herself.


There is allegation for her to play in the same storyline and genre cinema, however, Samragyee certainly lefts the fans sit up and take notice on her.

By far, her three cinemas have got released and two more are in her pipeline. It seems her fame from three cinemas is far more to grow in upcoming days. Audiences are already eagerly looking forward for her upcoming projects.


It is yet to watch how much her upcoming cinema ‘Kayara’ will benefits on her career. However, it is confirmed that ‘Kayara’ will definitely be cinema to look back at her career and feel proud of it in cinemadom.