Box Office System Installed at 20 Halls in Capital

Box Office System Installed at 20 Halls in Capital

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Finally, box office system got installed at 20 different halls in Kathmandu. Box office system (E ticketing) got installed at 11 multiplex and 20 halls in Kathmandu on Tuesday i.e. Shrawan 1.

Information and Communication Minister Mohan Bahadur Baskota officially inaugurated box office system at Film Development Board at Chabahil. Minister Baskota speaking after the inauguration of official box office installment said that the system must be implemented in outside the valley halls too by the end of this month.

According to him, there was both dispute and pressure for box office. Now, he thinks that the implementation of this system has proved that the dream always becomes true. He also disclosed that the halls are goanna be classified into class level.

Minister strongly said that the box office will be enforced into each hall and the halls categorization is necessary. Similarly, Minister stated that the provision of must be presence of Nepali actors for any overseas production advertisement will enforce soon.

Box office system is basically used a business word for cinema and theatre. Box office or Ticket office is a place where the ticket is implemented for entry of cinema hall and theatres. Hence, the sale of those tickets will decide the box office income.

All the details will gather into a same server and software after system installment in every single and multiplex hall’s computer. This will result to the easy, systematic and transparent sale and distribution of cinemas. Before this provision, there were no use of such system in single theaters of Nepal, however multiplex halls were carrying out the box system for their own use only.