Romeo & Muna Roll in Bhedetar

Romeo & Muna Roll in Bhedetar

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Naresh Kumar KC directed ‘Romeo & Muna’ has released their next song. Song featuring lead actors Binaya Shrestha and Shristi Shrestha music is helmed by Koshis Chhetri.

Released song titled ‘Bhedetar Ghumaula’ lyrics is penned by Dinesh Raut. The song has been sung by Binaya and Mina Niraula. Cinema has already released 4 songs including this recent one, and still 1 song is remained to release according to cinema maker Prasanna Gopali. According to him, there are 5 songs as per the need of story.

Prajjwal Giri, Surakshya Panta and Sushma Karki are also playing a pivotal role alongside of Binaya and Shristi.

Ram Sharma, Raji Shrestha and Kabin Shakya are also the joint producer with Prashanna for cinema. Cinema team reaching closer to the release date of Shrawan 11 is now heading ahead with promotion and publicity campaign. Cinema trailer will release on first of Asar.