Cine Personalities’s Supports to Argentina & Player Messi

Cine Personalities’s Supports to Argentina & Player Messi

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- It’s time for Fifa World Cup. 21st edition of World Cup is going to take place at Russia for this time around. Entire universe are already been attacked with World Cup fever. Then, how can our Nepali cine fraternity get spare from this World Cup flu?

Despite of busy schedule of our celebrities, they have already managed their time to watch World Cup. Looking at the craze of World Cup, we ‘The Cinema Times’ caught up with 32 cine personalities to know which team and player they are supporting for this time. 32 cine personalities means actors, actresses, musicians, singers, directors, script writers and producers.

According to this survey, 42% of cine personalities are cheering to Argentina team. Similarly,19% are supporting Brazil,10% supporting to Spain and 3% are supporting Germany. Also 16% are with alternative or multiple choices to support world cup team, while 10% are supporting some other teams.

Utmost of our celebrities have chose Argentina striker Lionel Messi as favorite player. While 39% of our celebrities chose Messi, remaining 15% chose Neymar and other 12% went with Ronaldo. 12% of celebrities chose more than 1 player’s name, and the final remained 21% of celebrities didn’t chose any of the player as their favorite.

During this survey, some of the celebrities didn’t chose their favorite player with respective to their favorite team. There seems variance in choice of player and team. And some of our cine personalities told that they don’t have any favorite team and player as our country Nepal is not playing in World Cup.