With No Doubts Anmol Is Debuting in Bollywood

With No Doubts Anmol Is Debuting in Bollywood

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Nepali superstar Anmol KC is soon going to debut in Bollywood. Indian Daily Newspaper Hamara Mahanagar has printed the news of Anmol’s Bollywood debut, which is shared by Anmol in his Facebook page and in Instagram story.

Hamara Mahanagar writes, ‘Anmol has joined a new venture of a renowned music company named ‘Worldwide Records Limited’. Company is going to make a Hindi cinema. Untitled project will soon make official announcement. This is the first ever steps of music company in cinema making. Company already known in music industry, has now stepped in the cinema world.

Cinema debuting Anmol KC will release in 74 different countries alongside Nepal and India. Company owner Ratnakar Kumar says that he is very glad to be associated with Nepali artists. He wants to give thanks to new venture writer/director Manoj Narayan and Radhe.

Anmol currently busy in shooting of ‘Captain’ has ‘A Mero Hajur 3’ and ‘Bachler Banti’ in pipeline.