Century of ‘Not Out’ Passed Half-Century

Century of ‘Not Out’ Passed Half-Century

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Veteran Bollywood actors Amitabh Bachhan and Rishi Kapoor’s got some exceptional brand in box office despite of their age factor. The success of their latest release ‘102 Not Out’ clearly hints their fame and power more than any new actors.

‘102 Not Out’ starrer these two actors is successfully running 4th week. As the title of cinema, they are still increase. Umesh Shukla directed ‘102 Not Out’ has presented these two contemporaneous actors in Father-Son role, where Amitabh is 102 years old father and Rishi is 75 years old son.

These two actors ‘King’ of box office at some point of time are coming up in supporting role lately. New generation taking over to senior is the universal process. But, these actors have proved that they can’t be taken over by any new actors that easily. ‘102 Not Out’ made with 34 crore budgets started with not so good business, but the chemistry and acting of these two actors made it holdover till the month.

And coming to 4th week, it has already passed to half-century i.e. have earned around 50 crore box office collection.

Ambitabh started his acting career in 1969 from ‘Sath Hindusthani’, whereas Rishi 10 years younger than Amitabh in real life debuted in 1973 from his father Raj Kapoor’s directed cinema ‘Bobby’.

Amitab and Rishi has already worked together in ‘Nasib’, ‘Amar Akbbar Anthony’ and ‘Kabhi Kabhi’ before ‘102 Not Out’.