Rekha’s ‘Malika’ at 2 Hundred 68 Years Old Durbar

Rekha’s ‘Malika’ at 2 Hundred 68 Years Old Durbar

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Actress Rekha Thapa currently shooting her second direction project, has reached to Jajarkot of Karnali Province. Actress busy with action cut of ‘Malika since last 20 days has unveiled some of the pictures from the shooting set of the song.

Song video shooting is taking place at the yard of 2 hundred and 68 years old Durbar located at headquarter of Jajarkot. Rekha believes that the video song will represent the culture and costume of the arena. Rekha and over 100 chorus can be seen in local costume, also can witness the local musical instruments. Song choreography is being helmed by Ramji Lamichhane.

Rekha reported the shooting schedule of 40 days started from capital and followingly moved to Kohalpur and Jajarkot will end within 10 days. According to her, shooting schedule is about to end 10 days before the plan because of good work and have done extreme hardwork for the ongoing song. It is lok rhythm song with the music of Suresh Adhikari.

‘Malika’ is a fictional drama against women violence and campaign to build child marriage relieved Nepal. 14 years old Jajarkot local girl Kamala Oli is also making a lead role in cinema alongside Rekha. Cinema adapted with the vision of Jiwan Rupantaran Bishwo trainer Nar Bahadur Karki, has announced release date for Laxmi Puja, Tihar.